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Hi there. I'm Barry, the creator of the Callahan's Wiki. I got into the books sometimes in the early to mid 90s after my grandmother showed them to me. I actually don't own hard copies anymore, I lend them out years ago and forgot to whom. I've since moved cross-country so I've abandoned getting them back. I picked up the audio books a few years back, so I at least still have those. --GaidinBDJ 05:19, 1 April 2009 (UTC)


Although I have been a fan of puns nearly all of my sentient lifetime, I recently came across the first one that caused a cold reboot and I felt the urge to put the book down and leave the room.

"Harmony seldom makes a headline." -Silas Bent (1882-1945)

And it was decades before Callahan's was even conceived.

(And in my hubris I did e-mail it in the hopes that Spider will see it and include it in the *fingers crossed* next Callahan's book)