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Translation is the term for time-travel without the aid of any external device. Living and non-living matter must travel in separate loads which means time travelers always arrive naked (unless they translate directly into clothing already in place). A time traveler can not translate to a ficton they are already present in.

A person who wants to translate (the "Translator") can "request" to enter a ficton they are already present in. The individual in the target ficton (the "Native") will feel a "tingling on the top of their head" (although the sensation is markedly different). The Native can then chose to either ignore it and the Translator is denied, or vacate that ficton and allow the Translator to enter. When the ficton is vacated by Translator the Native feels a "tingling on the bottom of their feet" (again, not the exact sensation) indicating they can return.

Translation results in non-standard causality in which future events are not predestined even though they have already been experienced but, paradoxically, time-travelers can not allow their actions to enter historical record.

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