Time Travelers Strictly Cash
Cover of Time Travelers Strictly Cash
Author Spider Robinson
Published 1981
Preceeded By Callahan's Crosstime Saloon
Followed By Callahan's Secret

Time Travelers Strictly Cash (published 1981) is the second book in the Callahan's series which also contained several non-Callahan's stories. The Callahan's stories from the book were included in The Callahan Chronicals. The Callahan's stories all takes place in Callahan's Place.

Contents Edit

Fivesight Edit

The story of Kathy Anders.

Note: In this story a reference is made to "Tricky Fingers" by Eubie Blake. For those that don't know it, here it is on YouTube (the volume is quite low).

Soul Search Edit

A non-Callahan's story about reincarnation

Spider vs. The Hax of Sol III Edit

A non-Callahan's book review

Dog Day Evening Edit

The story of Ralph von Wau Wau

God Is An Iron Edit

A short story and the opening chapter of Mindkiller.

Rah Rah R.A.H. Edit

A non-Callahan's defense of Robert A. Heinlein

Have You Heard The One...? Edit

The story of Al Phee and revelation of Josie Bauer's nature.

Local Champ Edit

A non-Callahan's fantasy short story

The Web of Sanity Edit

A non-Callahan's speech by Spider Robinson

Mirror / rorriM Off The Wall Edit

The story of Robert Trebor

Serpents' Teeth Edit

A non-Callahan's story about a couple kid-shopping