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Time Travelers Strictly Cash (published 1981) is the second book in the Callahan's series which also contained several non-Callahan's stories. The Callahan's stories from the book were included in The Callahan Chronicals. The Callahan's stories all takes place in Callahan's Place.



The story of Kathy Anders.

Note: In this story a reference is made to "Tricky Fingers" by Eubie Blake. For those that don't know it, here it is on YouTube (the volume is quite low).

Soul Search[]

A non-Callahan's story about reincarnation

Spider vs. The Hax of Sol III[]

A non-Callahan's book review

Dog Day Evening[]

The story of Ralph von Wau Wau

God Is An Iron[]

A short story and the opening chapter of Mindkiller.

Rah Rah R.A.H.[]

A non-Callahan's defense of Robert A. Heinlein.

Have You Heard The One...?[]

The story of Al Phee and revelation of Josie Bauer's nature.

Local Champ[]

A non-Callahan's fantasy short story

The Web of Sanity[]

A non-Callahan's speech by Spider Robinson

Mirror / rorriM Off The Wall[]

The story of Robert Trebor

Serpents' Teeth[]

A non-Callahan's story about a couple kid-shopping.