Callahan's Wiki

This is a list of the various minor patrons and characters who have arrived at the Callahan's bars

Callahan's Crosstime Saloon[]

  • Spud Flynn - He and Mike Callahan once set fire to a cushion to settle a bet on the direction of the draft
  • Sam Thayer - Patron who is present on Halloween dressed as Mortimer Snerd.
  • Tony Telasco - Patron who is present on Halloween and is a former Vietnam vet.

Time Travelers Strictly Cash[]

Callahan's Secret[]

The Callahan Touch[]

During the "Lost Week"
  • Chris McCubbin - writer
  • Steve Jackson - programmer
  • Fast Layne Francis - alto sax player
  • Leo Gosselin - Chapman Stick player
  • Ron Casat - long-haired R&B guy
  • Bill Stevenson - short-haired R&B guy
  • John Gray - show tune guy
  • Raoul Vezina - boogie-woogie guy
  • Kathy Rubbicco - stunning brunette piano player
  • Carole Koenig, Karen Williams, Fred Meyer, David Schnaufer - dulcimer players
  • Steve Fahenstalk & Randy Reichardt - guitar players from Canada
  • Pete Heck - guitar player
  • Nate Bucklin - guitar player from Minneapolis
  • Cats Laughing - five-piece group that played with Nate Bucklin
  • Andrew York - electric and acoustic guitar player
  • Dolly and Donn Legge - scat singer and guitar player from Florida
  • Chris Manual & Bob Atkinson - MIDI-synthesized guitar players

Callahan's Legacy[]

Callahan's Key[]

Callahan's Con[]