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Lady Sally's Place is the name of a "legendary" brothel in Brooklyn, New York City run by Lady Sally McGee, wife of Mike Callahan.  Its apparent purpose was to make money through its normal activities; its actual purpose was to facilitate world peace through "informal diplomacy" and prevent mankind destroying itself in a nuclear conflagration.  After narrowly averting a holocaust ironically intended by "peace terrorists", it had achieved its main purpose while maintaining its discretion and secrecy; it closed down shortly after. 

Many of Callahan's regulars appear in these stories, including Jake Stonebender, Fast Eddie Costigan, and Ralph von Wau Wau; the Sally stories also introduce a new stable of ongoing characters like Maureen Hooker, The Professor, and Lady Sally herself. 


At Lady Sally's the prostitutes are referred to as "artists" and treat the service they provide accordingly. Customers of Lady Sally's are referred to as "clients."  This terminology is intended to facilitate mutual respect; Lady Sally  has stipulated she'd have called the customers "patrons" except that "patronizing" tends to have mostly negative connotations anymore.  The artist-patron relationship is the model her brothel is oriented to, in any case, and a favored slogan at Sally's is "Art takes as long as it takes."


In addition to the standard services offered by a brothel Lady Sally's offers themed "Function Rooms" (Dungeons, Doctor's Office, and Teenager Bedroom (both male and female versions)), a near free-for-all in the "Bower", and three lounge-type Parlors, one for exclusively male clients, one for exclusively female clients, and one for everyone. The common Parlor is by far the most frequently occupied and bears an atmosphere similar to the Callahan's bars.  Indeed, it is often remarked that some customers have so much fun in the Parlor that they never bother to go upsairs.


When a client first comes to Lady Sally's she meets with them individually and determines their fee (either per-encounter or a membership basis) based on their financial situation. If they become less financial able their fee may be lowered, but raises to a client's fee requires the client to volunteer the increased fee (which most do).

Artists are paid a flat salary year-round (but are required to take three months of paid vacation every year). They are also provided with a Studio (workspace), a private apartment, food, clothing, and health care. Artists may also be tipped by clients on an individual basis.


The first floor contains the Parlors, the Bower, and a reception area (including a coat and weapons check). There are four entries on each side of the building. One main entrance, one entrance for each gender leading to the unisex Parlors, and an entrance to the Discreet wing for higher profile clients.

The second floor contains the Function Rooms, and Studios for each artist.

Private apartments for the artists and the "Snoop Room" (Surveillance) is located on the third floor.