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'''Fast Eddie''' is a patron and piano player at [[Callahan's Place]], [[Mary's Place]], and [[The Place]].
'''Fast Eddie Costigan''' is a patron and piano player at [[Callahan's Place]], [[Mary's Place]], and [[The Place]].
Fast Eddie carries a blackjack which he uses on anybody (without exception) who asks a [[snoopy question]].
Eddie was born and raised in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook ([[Callahan's Secret]]) in New York, NY, USA. Eddie learned to play the piano from his uncle, Dave Costigan, who adopted Eddie after the boy's parents were killed in an El-Train accident. ([[Callahan's Legacy]]) While living with his uncle, Eddie began to explore his sexuality. This led to some frank and open discussions which Eddie shared with a friend. This revelation culminated in Uncle Dave's imprisonment and landed Eddie in an orphanage. On his <strike>escape</strike> release, he got in a taxicab and said to the driver, "Mister, I got a yard [$100 USD] and I need pussy more than I need air." The cabbie took him to [[Lady Sally's House]], where in turn he was referred to Callahan's and hired as its piano player/bouncer.

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