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Fast Eddie Costigan is a patron and piano player at Callahan's Place, Mary's Place, and The Place.

Fast Eddie carries a blackjack which he uses on anybody (without exception) who asks a snoopy question.

Eddie was born and raised in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook (Callahan's Secret) in New York, NY, USA. Eddie learned to play the piano from his uncle, Dave Costigan, who adopted Eddie after the boy's parents were killed in an El-Train accident. (Callahan's Legacy) While living with his uncle, Eddie began to explore his sexuality. This led to some frank and open discussions which Eddie shared with a friend. This revelation culminated in Uncle Dave's imprisonment and landed Eddie in an orphanage. On his escape release, he got in a taxicab and said to the driver, "Mister, I got a yard [$100 USD] and I need pussy more than I need air." The cabbie took him to Lady Sally's House, where in turn he was referred to Callahan's and hired as its piano player/bouncer.