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Callahan's Place was the original. Located off Route 25A somewhere in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York it was run by Mike Callahan himself. It operated for over 40 years until it was destroyed by a nuke in the course of saving the Earth. Immediately afterwards Mike Callahan and family (along with Josie Bauer) departed for some other ficton.

The regulars at Callahan's Place included Jake (who is the narrator through almost all of the Callahan's books), Doc Webster, Fast Eddie, Long-Drink, Tom Flannery, Isham Latimer, Jim Omar, Joe Maser (And his wives Susan and Susie), John Smiley, Josie Bauer, Marty Matthias, Noah Gonzalez, Pyotr, and Shorty Steinitz. They are joined by the newcomers Mickey Finn, Tommy Janssen, Tom Hauptman (who ended up helping to bartend there), Jim & Paul MacDonald, Rachel, Ralph von Wau Wau, Billy Walker, and the Cheerful Charlies.

Callahan's Place is visited by The Meddler, Dink Fogerty, Kathy Anders, The Beast, Raksha, Al Phee, and Robert Trebor. It is also sometimes visited by Spider Robinson, who says that he does so in order to get new stories that he can then publish.

Lady Sally's Place place was a brothel located in Brooklyn, New York City.

Mary's Place was opened by Jake to fill the void left after the destruction of Callahan's Place. It was located somewhere off Route 25A in Smithtown, Long Island and ran only a few months when it was shut down by an angry bureaucrat.

The regulars from Callahan's Place and some from Lady Sally's all make their way there. They are joined by The "Lucky Duck", Nikola Tesla, Buck Rogers, Solace, Acayib Pinsky, Zoey Berkowitz, Erin, and Naggeneen.

Mike Callahan, Mary Callahan-Finn, and Mickey Finn visit Mary's Place on several occasions.

The Callahan Caravan (though not strictly speaking one of the bars) departed from Long Island after Mary's Place closed down and consisted of most of the regulars at Callahan's Place and Mary's Place and some of the artists from Lady Sally's Place. During the trip they are joined by Pixel and Marty Pignatelli.

The Place was established once they arrived in Key West by Jake Stonebender "a few blocks from Duval Street". It is presumably still open today. Upon arrival in Key West the gang is joined by Double Bill, Mei-Ling, Harry, Alf, Lex, and Smokes Pot join them.

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