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Callahan's Legacy
Cover of Callahan's Legacy
Author Spider Robinson
Published 1996
Preceeded By The Callahan Touch
Followed By Callahan's Key

Callahan's Legacy is the fifth book in the Callahan's series. It takes place at Mary's Place.


All the chapter names in the book are palindromes.

Too Hot to Hoot

Too Far, Edna: We Wander Afoot

Mr. Alarm

I, Madam, I Made Radio! So I Dared! Am I Mad? Am I?

Ed, Undo Bod, Nude

Rise to Vote, Sir!

Party Trap

Doc Webster's Story

Rettebs, I Flahd Noces, Eh? Tu, But the Second Half is Better...

Long-Drink McGonnigle's Story

Now, Ned, I am a Maiden Won

Fast Eddie Costigan's Story

Er "Om" More

Pop, Mom, Pop!

Are We Not Drawn Forward to a New Era