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Callahan's Legacy is the fifth book in the Callahan's series. It takes place at Mary's Place.


All the chapter names in the book are palindromes.

Too Hot to Hoot[]

Too Far, Edna: We Wander Afoot[]

Mr. Alarm[]

I, Madam, I Made Radio! So I Dared! Am I Mad? Am I?[]

Ed, Undo Bod, Nude[]

Rise to Vote, Sir![]

Party Trap[]

Doc Webster's Story[]

Rettebs, I Flahd Noces, Eh? Ttu, But the Second Half is Better...[]

Long-Drink McGonnigle's Story[]

Now, Ned, I am a Maiden Won[]

Fast Eddie Costigan's Story[]

Er "Om" More[]

Pop, Mom, Pop![]

Are We Not Drawn Forward to a New Era[]