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Callahan's Crosstime Saloon is a video game released in 1997 by Legend Entertainment. The player takes the point of view of Jake Stonebender assisting various patrons resolving problems leading up to the prevention the cancellation of the universe due to budget cuts.



A brief introduction to the people at Callahan's Place as well as entry into that evenings Riddle Night.


Help Pyotr reconcile with his former lover Sasha. The action takes place mostly in Pyotr's home town in Romania

Josie Bauer[]

Help Josie Bauer save a rare chocolate tree. This chapter takes place in downtown Manhattan and Brazil.

Squish's Satellite[]

Help Squish disable a satellite in orbit poised to negate all testosterone on Earth.

Al Phee[]

Help Al Phee in the year 2020 defeat Dr. Cyrus Duplicidus.

Ralph von Wau Wau[]

Help free Ralph von Wau Wau from a government research facility

The Biker[]

Help Parabolus, disguised on Earth as a biker, save the universe.


Spider Robinson recorded four songs for the video game soundtrack. They can be heard by talking to Fast Eddie. The songs were later released on the album "Belabouring the Obvious".

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